You’ve been a good landlord. Time’s been ticking away and your tenant seemed as satisfied as ever. But due to some career change or a whimsical new direction in life, they’ve left. Now you’ve got to navigate the wonderful world of promoting a rental with little knowledge of how the world has changed. Don’t worry, Naborly’s here and we’ll get you a perfect tenant in no time.

Promoting a rental in 2019 is easier, but more tedious (it’s a trade-off). There are simply more places to put yourself out there, which means more time invested but a better chance of catching eyes.

Speaking of catching eyes, get some actually good pictures. If there’s one thing you can do in 2019, it’s visually presenting your space better than the competition in your price range. All thumbs with the camera? Only have a flip phone from 1998? There’s a good chance you’ve got a friend who’s capable on Instagram—that’s how we measure camera proficiency in 2019.

Where to post and promote your rental property.

You don’t need to look far to find websites begging for you to post an ad. Where should you post your listing, you might ask? Let’s cut through the fat.

When it comes down to it, people looking to rent a home are not going to dig through 15 different websites that all do the same thing. Seriously. Why are there so many different places to list a rental? It’s incredibly unnecessary.

Here are the two that actually matter: Craigslist and Facebook. Why? Because all of the other platforms combined won’t even touch 10% of the views either of these platforms will give you. That’s not to say don’t use the other platforms, but focus your attention on these two.

Top sites for listing your rental.

Here’s a ranking of sites to check out:

  1. Facebook It’s a no-brainer. This is a perfect platform to list on. It’s got ample room for your info. It’s a great experience for users browsing listings. It’s geographical, meaning users don’t even need to search for a location to start browsing. And Facebook gives you a bunch of cool tech to give your listing a little something extra—try the 360° photo feature out!

  2. Craigslist It’s a classic. The platform has never changed, and that’s probably why users love it. It’s got a site for practically every city, and there’s a metric ton of users checking it out every day. It’s a bit ugly, but users aren’t here for aesthetics. Just make sure your description is up to snuff.

  3. Zillow It’ll give you distribution on all of their partner sites. A good shotgun approach that’s sure to catch a few fish.

  4. Simple, clean design with a very expensive domain name (I wonder how much they paid for “”)

  5. Trulia Part of the Zillow family. It’ll give you some info about your applicants if they’re registered. Nowhere near as much as our free tenant screening, however

  6. Hotpads Also part of Zillow. Noticing a trend here? Yea, kind of strange.

  7. Looking for post-secondary students? Call up the school and ask—platforms vary from city to city

The rest of the websites out there are probably not worth the time it would take to create a post.

Marketing rental property

Creating a solid description.

We’ve actually got a blog on this exact topic, so check that out. To give you the brief of it, you want your description to be cogent and thoughtful, not wordy and exaggerated.

Location is the number one concern for most renters, so give them some stats. “Ten-minute walk to bus line”, “five-minute drive to the downtown core”, “schools within fifteen minutes”, you get the idea. That type of information might make the difference for the time-sensitive renter—just don’t let it overpower the features on the listing. Best to put it towards the bottom.

Web users are used to (and sick of) being sold at every turn, so when you say “THIS HOME WILL BLOW YOUR MIND, MUST SEE IN PERSON”, users are going to just hit next. Your photos are what will sell viewers on the appearance of the suite. Your description should sell them on its features.

Users value simplicity. If they have to hunt for information, you’re either overexplaining or have unorganized information.

List out and organize all the information. Generally, lists are better than big blocks of texts. Give people the bullet points. And there’s no room for typos!

Taking our own advice:

  • Be cogent

  • Use simple words

  • Don’t exaggerate

  • Provide distances to nearby amenities

  • Order your content by importance

  • Describe the features, let your pictures do the visual work

  • Bullet points are great

  • No typos

Combine that with some solid photography and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Followed our advice and now flooded with applications? Sign up for our free tenant screening! Our AI will give you a super smart snapshot of each applicant and rank them for quick comparisons. Check it out.