The best case scenario for any landlord is to find the perfect tenant and to have them renew their lease year after year and to not screen any more tenants. However, we all know that that is not the case, due to factors out of our control, such as people moving for a new job.

That being said, there are certainly factors that are in your control that you can enforce to ensure that your tenants not only feel like they belong in your rental unit, but that they will want to stay for a long period of time.

1. Consider a Lagniappe

Lagniappe is Spanish for something given as a bonus or extra gift. This idea can be replicated in the property management world, where a landlord’s small action can make a big effect.

Move-in day is a hassle and stressful at the least. A low-cost, high-impact welcome package can make your tenants feel at home immediately. Here are a few ideas to include:

  • A dinner voucher to a local restaurant, because the last thing your tenant will be thinking about after a long day is to cook a glorious meal;
  • Some cleaning essentials for the bathroom and kitchen, such as dish soap and toilet paper;
  • An information package on important neighborhood amenities, such as the local post-office, fire station, garbage pickup day, and pharmacies;
  • Some fun stuff, such as a scented candle and indoor plants to spruce up the place!

2. Don’t Neglect the Small Things

If and when your tenant brings up a maintenance issue about the house, be sure to address it ASAP. Addressing the issue doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily comply with their requests but just as long as you respond and show cordiality by open communication.

3. Respect Their Privacy

You may own the unit, but you are not privy to their space without a tenant’s consent. Be sure to communicate well in advance to your tenant that you need to enter their unit be it for a showing or maintenance issue repair.

In the case where the landlord and tenant live in close proximity (e.g. a basement suite, laneway house), many will share some physical infrastructure. If this is the case, ensure that you outline exactly which pathways and laneways they are privy to use and which ones you might have to share, and again, if they are okay with those common spaces.

Implement these small yet highly effective steps to keep your good tenants happy and in your rentals!

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