Attract more applicants.

When you help your tenants save thousands, your property will stand out from the crowd.

Better than a security deposit.

Don’t limit your protection to the cash limit of the security deposit, get the coverage that will actually protect your rental business.

Surprising benefits.

When your tenants have a little cash money in the bank there is a lower risk of late rent, and a higher chance you'll have a good relationship.


Financial freedom.

Save thousands and stop paying for damage that probably won’t happen.

Reasonably priced.

Pricing starts at $15 for a $2000/month rental. Sign up in 60 seconds and save the move-in costs for what matters.

Solve problems fairly.

Most landlords are honest, but some aren’t. We asses any reports of damage and make sure that you’re treated fairly. You will never pay if it’s not your fault.

Let's make renting betterfor everyone.

Get the protection you deserve for the price you want.
Available for landlords of all sizes and tenants
across the United States and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust that Naborly will reimburse me the deposit amount?

Naborly's products and services are backed by some of the largest insurers and financial institutions in the country. When a claim comes up we've got you covered.

Are landlords covered for lost rent?

Yes. We reimburse you for lost rent and damages up to the coverage limit of the Deposit Insurance policy. Just submit a claim and get paid in minutes. It's fast and easy.

What if a tenant stops paying?

You're still covered. Even if the tenant stops paying our monthly fee we will reimburse you for any issues during the term of the lease when the renter is at fault.

How is Deposit Insurance different from our Rent Guarantee?

The Deposit Insurance is insurance, and it covers the typical security deposit amount with additional coverage for excessive damage. Naborly's Rent Guarantee is a management contract that makes your rent is paid when the tenant can't.

What if a tenant renews their lease?

Everything stays the same if the tenant sticks with Naborly. If they decide to stop using our service then they can pay you the deposit as usual.

Can existing renters use deposit insurance?

Yes. Naborly's security deposit coverage is not just for new applicants, but available for everyone. Offering our Deposit Insurance to current renters drives higher lease renewals and stronger relationships between landlords and tenants.