Naborly offers tenant screening services and report to every landlord & property manager in the United States and Canada.

Naborly’s tenant screening empowers landlords to confidently assess if an applicant is the most suitable tenant by combining references, credit data, income and identity verification, and our proprietary analysis.

Naborly Tenant Insights

(Screening + Credit)


Equifax Report & Score
Identity Verification
Employment & Income Verification
Previous Address Verification
Employment Stability Analysis
Pet Liability Analysis
Property Suitability Analysis
Projected Tenancy Outcomes
Rent to Income Ratio
Debt to Income Ratio
Sex Offenders Registry Check (USA Only)

Naborly Credit Report

Powered by Equifax


Equifax Report & Score

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How It Works

We make screening as easy as A, B, C,...D.

1. Landlord sends invite.

Naborly provides landlords with an online rental application form they can send to potential tenants. Landlords must use our application in order for Naborly to get the tenant's consent.

2. Tenants apply online.

Tenants securely provide their employment, financial, and rental history information allowing Naborly to verify their identity, income and employment.

3. Naborly runs the check.

As soon as the applicant clicks ‘Submit’ Naborly pulls credit using Equifax, background check, and Naborly Score, an assessment indicator that analyzes several data points for tenant screening.

4. Landlord receives report.

Within minutes the results are delivered for the landlord to review so you can make the right tenant decision, faster than ever.

Already have a completed rental application? Send out a request for a Naborly Credit Report, powered by Equifax. 

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Experience the difference Naborly can make.


Results delivered in under 90 minutes. Naborly is dedicated to delivering the fastest results without compromising accuracy. Our screenings are the fastest across the US & Canada.


We know that the best tenant screening requires real people and technology working together. Our algorithm and Trained Tenant Analysts ensure you always get the best results.


Always at your service, our dedicated staff can conduct a screening almost any time of day. You never have to compromise due diligence because of a late night or weekend.


Our technology is complex but the goal is to help real people make better decisions. In that spirit we designed the Naborly Report to be an easy read regardless of the users level of expertise.


Naborly brings landlords and property managers incredible value at the best price in our industry.


By using Naborly you get to automate and outsource your tenant screening due diligence activities such as data gathering, Identity, Income, and Employment verification, and more.