How does Naborly protect my sensitive information?

At Naborly, the security of your information is a high priority. We use bank grade measures to protect your data. Check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

What documents can I use as acceptable proof of income?

Proof of Income should be up to date and valid. If you are employed full-time, the best income document would be a recent pay-stub. If you are unemployment, your Proof of Income can be Statement of Assistance or a Bank Statement are accepted. All Proof of Income documents should be recent and within the last 30 days.

Other accepted Proof of Income types are:

– Alimony Agreements

– Bank Statements (shows deposits from your income source ideally over 90 days)

– Child Support Agreements

– Income Assistance (Statement of Assistance)

– Separation Maintenance Agreement / Proof of Deposit

– Student Loan Statement / Proof of Deposit

– Investment Income Statement

What documents are acceptable Photo ID?

We accept valid government issued photo ID, such as:

– Drivers License

– Passport

– Citizenship Card

– Health / Services Card

How do I make sure the documents I send are acceptable?

When sending documentation, please make sure that everything is clear and legible to avoid any delays. Images should be sharp and in focus. When sending Proof of Income make sure the date, your name, wages, the employers name and contact information are clear and visible. Avoid cropping any of the documentation.


What type of payments does Naborly accept?

Naborly accepts payments through most major credit cards, and debit cards.


When Naborly pulls credit on me, does it affect my score? 

The Naborly pull will appear as an inquiry on your credit file. An inquiry can only affect your score up to 12 months. Usually, if they have any impact, it will be primarily in the first 6 months. Only 10% of a credit score is based on inquiries. The impact for most people is negligible.  The inquiry will be removed from the credit report after 2 years.

What if I suspect there is an error on my credit report?

The credit history on a Naborly report is supplied by Equifax. If there are any inaccuracies or discrepancies Equifax has a dispute resolution process which can be initiated by following the steps on their website:

Technical Support

Why can’t I submit my application?

If you’re having troubles submitting your application, please reach out to us via live chat (widget found in the bottom right corner of the screen) or call 1-844-622-6759.

Why can’t I upload files in my application form?

In order to complete the application form, prospective tenants are required to upload documents pertaining to “proof of income” and “identity verification”.

In order to successfully upload your documents, the file size must not exceed 5MB, and be formatted in either jpeg, png, or pdf.

The documents must be clear and readable.

How do I reduce the file size of my attachments? 

If your file is larger than 5MB, you will need to reduce the size. Here are some tips to reducing the size of your file.

PDF format

  • Recreate the PDF with Adobe Distiller set to “lowest file size”.
  • Ensure that all images in the PDF are set to 96 DPI (dots per inch).
  • Remove all unnecessary images.

JPG format

  • Scan your document at a lower DPI.
  • Remove all empty space around the image.
  • Shrink the image.
  • Reduce the JPG image quality.

PNG format

  • Scan your document at a lower DPI.
  • Crop the image to remove any empty space around it.
  • Shrink the image.
  • Save the file in JPG format instead.
The Naborly Application doesn’t open on my web browser.

If you are unable to submit your Naborly Application Form, you are using an outdated web browser. Our application is compatible with latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and Internet Explorer. To successful submit the application form, update or change your web browser.