Naborly acquired LRANK.com in late 2016 in order to help power the location intelligence side of our Tenant Screening system, and expand the applications of LRANK for new market verticals.

At it’s core LRANK is an analysis system that looks at the unique characteristics and data records associated with the places around us including Census data, home prices, rent prices, population, demographics, construction, infrastructure, consumer behaviour patterns, and business data.

By keeping record of how a location evolves over time we are able to make new predictions about the people who live there, what they do, what they want, how they are changing, and what those changes means for our customers.


Tenant/Property Suitability Analysis

Naborly currently leverages LRANK alongside the SHERLY platform to understand how happy a tenant will be in a given location. We look at the applicant's previous addresses and the LRANK data analysis of those locations, the length of time they lived at those residents, how far the new location is to important places the applicant lives such as work and school, and then we determine how the new property suits their needs.

Business Analytics

From Land Developers and Real Estate Investors to Brick-and-Mortar Business Owners, LRANK will be able to help businesses make smarter decisions about where to invest and how to optimize for growth. Today we are able to predict growing and declining locations based on data points that are largely ignored.

Improved Property Search

LRANK was initially developed to help improve the Real Estate search experience. Taking it past house type, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, and price. Instead LRANK can allow people searching for a new place to live to use more dynamic wants and needs such as quality of schools, access to transit, number of young families in the area, and more. Where you live is important and moving is expensive, so finding the right place the first time improves your experience and helps build stronger communities.