The open_DOOR database system is designed in solve record keeping and data sharing for all landlords and property managers. The problem today is that there are over 48 million rental residences across the United States and Canada and an estimated 25 million landlords. These landlords and property managers operate as independent businesses and seldomly share information; even the largest landlords and management firms only represent a small portion of the overall market. This makes record keeping completely unregulated or standardized.

Credit Bureaus, Tenant Screening Platforms, and RentTech Software companies have all tried to create a database system that would entice more users on their platform, but even these companies only represent a fraction of the overall market which still leaves huge gaps.

Naborly has begun to solve this problem by implimenting an open source database system that is independent of any one landlord, property manger, credit bureau, or software provider. open_DOOR is available to all stake holders including even the smallest landlords; allowing for a universal rental record system to exist, allowing for small corporate or regional databases to integrate, and allowing landlords and tenants to benefit from records verified and maintained by trusted third parties.