Naborly Acquires

July 17, 2017

Toronto, ON: July 17, 2017 – Naborly, a Toronto based AI tech company, purchased Acquired from a private seller, all information from the website and app has been successfully and safely transferred from to Any bookmarks saved as .co will be redirected to the new site.


About Naborly

Naborly is a technology company that focuses on automated risk analysis for the real estate industry to help landlords and property managers know who they’re renting to, before they move in.

Through the Naborly app, tenants create a digital rental application or “Renter’s Resume” where the tenant can securely provide their information, save, edit, update, and send the application to potential landlords without worrying about private information sitting in unsecured emails. Additionally, the Naborly tenant database system (open_DOOR) allows the tenant’s past landlords the opportunity to provide referrals or to report evictions, property damage, and missed payments.

After the tenant submits the application, Naborly’s AI system (SHERLY) is able to verify the identity, employment, and income of the applicant, as well as conduct a credit check and optional criminal record check. SHERLY then analyzes the applicant’s unique characteristics and finances against the attributes of the rental property, the neighbourhood, and the overall economic and market conditions to determine what risk an applicant may pose to the landlord.

Naborly’s analysis approach has proven to be disruptive to the traditional credit scoring and risk analysis industry due to their ability to screening more accurately and generate equitable scores for groups that have been traditionally disadvantaged in the old credit system such as recent graduates, immigrants, and low-income renters.

Since their launch in early 2016 Naborly has become a dominant player in the North American tenant screening industry and has dozens of API partnerships with industry leading property management software companies and startups. The company has grown to have relationships with thousands of landlords and property management firms allowing them to serve over 647,000 rental properties in North America.

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