Naborly Acquires, Names Dwight Follick as CTO

November 8th/2016

Toronto, ON: Today, Naborly Inc., a software company specializing in residential tenant screening using artificial intelligence, announced its acquisition of London-based, a real estate location intelligence search engine. The acquisition of LRANK’s IP will help Naborly’s artificial intelligence system (SHERLY) to automatically learn about neighborhoods across the United States and Canada. Specifically giving SHERLY the ability to determine if a potential tenant will be happy with the location they are applying to using non-obvious location traits such as distance to schools, public transit accessibility, demographics, etc.

As part of the acquisition Naborly has announced Dwight Follick of LRANK as their new Chief Technology Officer. Follick has over a decade of experience in applied machine learning and data analysis. “Dwight’s understanding of developing scalable infrastructure is going to be key to our long term success, especially as we continue to expand outside of Canada.” said Dylan Lenz, CEO of Naborly. “We’re in an industry where security and business continuity is essential. It’s the only way we’re going to be able to continue to disrupt traditional tenant screening and credit reporting.”

Of his new role Follick commented, “Naborly is solving a huge rental problem in a new, meaningful way, going far beyond typical screenings. The approach is heavily data-driven and I’m excited to bring my data science background and assets into the venture.”

Naborly has lately been growing primarily through partnering with other RentTech companies via their Tenant Screening API that allows other companies to quickly add tenant-screening capabilities to their own rental apps. They have started rebuilding their infrastructure to deal with the overwhelming growth they have experienced across the US and Canada since their initial launched in January 2016. They are consistently adding thousands of landlords and rental units each month to their platform.