(Screening + Credit)


Credit Report & Score
Identity Verification
Employment & Income Verification
Bankruptcy & Lien Search
Eviction Check & Analysis
Bad Tenant Database Search (Global)
Previous Address Verification
Legal & Court Record Search
Employment Stability Analysis
Social Media & External Media Check
Pet Liability Analysis
Property Suitability Analysis


(Screening + Credit + Criminal)


Includes Basic Screening and
Federal Level Criminal Search
State Level Criminal Search
County Level Criminal Search*
Municipal Criminal Search
Driving Records (US Only)
Sex Offenders Registry Check
FBI Most Wanted Search
INTERPOL Database Search
Terrorist Watchlist Check
Public Court Record Check


25+ Rental Units

Volume Based

Volume base discounts
Multi-User Accounts
Site Level Controls
System-to-System Integration
Co-branding / White Labeling
Application Fee Revenue Share
Custom Forms

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