Our plans were designedfor renters, by renters.

There’s a difference between owning and renting, but apparently no one told the insurance companies that. Until now.

Instant coverage.

If you’ve applied to your property through Naborly then your insurance coverage is just 1 click away. If not, we’ll set you up in minutes and show you the best insurance plan without having to shop for 5 different quotes.

Protect what matters most.

While most companies try to exclude your valuables, electronics, and heirlooms, we let you customize your plan to protect what you value most. Just a few clicks and we can make sure that vintage guitar or those diamond earrings are protected.

If it’s yours, it's covered.

From your favourite shoes to your Rolex, we get you paid if something happens to your stuff.

You’re not just a number.

Your situation is unique, just like everyone else. That’s why we use advance underwriting algorithms to understand the risk, and to keep the price as reasonable as possible.

We’ve got your back.

Even on your worst day, when your dog bites the mailman or the bathtub over flows into your neighbours living room, just call us and we’ll take care of it.

Our insurance goes everywhere.

Our protection is global so you’re covered at home or when you're off traveling the world.