What do we protect against?

Rent Default

If your tenant refuses to pay rent, Naborly will handle the entire eviction process for you. If your tenant can’t pay rent, Naborly will be able to work with the tenant to offer a loan to help them get back on track.

Early Vacancy

If your tenant does not provide proper notice before leaving your property or disappears overnight, Naborly will pay the rent for up to 6 months while you find a new tenant.

Late Rent

If your tenant doesn’t pay rent on the first of the month, Naborly will pay you and contact the tenant to catch up on rent.

Property Damage

If your tenant, their guests or their pets cause damage to your property, Naborly will pay up to $2000 in damages.

How does it work?

1. Screen a Tenant

Send your tenant an application from your Naborly Dashboard and receive a full report with a NaborlyShield quote

2. Review Quote

Click the NaborlyShield quote button on the dashboard, review the protection and pay with your credit card

3. Stress Free Landlording

Have peace of mind that your rent will always be paid and Naborly will be there to pay you if your tenant breaks the lease

When you need to make a claim,
it’s easy as can be.

“Since filing the claim with NaborlyShield, I’ve been very impressed with Naborly’s response time and commitment to moving the claim forward… Really appreciated as a landlord with a thousand things to do in a day, that this is one thing I don’t have to harass anyone to get done.”

~ Jamie Buehler, Oak & Apple Property Management

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More than 35,000 landlords and property managers representing over 825,000 rental units trust Naborly to protect their rental properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Naborly will charge your credit card once a month for the entire term of the lease. After the initial term of the lease, your NaborlyShield plan becomes month-to-month and you can cancel by providing 30 days notice.

You notify the NaborlyShield team, we pay you the rent within 24 hours and attempt to contact the tenant. We will continue to pay you the rent for up to 6 months until you get a new tenant in the unit while processing an eviction if the tenant refuses to pay rent and remains in your rental unit. Learn More

You notify the NaborlyShield team, we pay you that month of missed rent and continue to pay you the rent until you can find a replacement tenant (for up to 6 months).

The NaborlyShield fee is calculated based on the Naborly Score of a tenant and is charged to you every month during the term of the lease. The tenant’s Naborly Score is calculated based on over 500 data points to assess the risk of the tenant breaking the lease.

In the event that your tenant causes intentional property damage related to an eviction or early move-out, Naborly will reimburse you up to a maximum of $2,000 to cover those expenses.

You can purchase NaborlyShield for each tenant individually. Each plan will protect the individual’s tenant share of rent until the total rent is protected.

In the event that your tenant defaults on rent or does not give required notice before vacating the property, you can easily submit a claim right on your Naborly dashboard and get paid within 24 hours! Learn More

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